This post will teach you about some of the most important reasons for deep cleaning after a renovation or construction project, while also giving you a complete understanding of what exactly construction cleaning services will do, and why your renovations aren’t quite complete until the final cleaning is completed.

Post renovation cleaning or post-construction cleaning services are necessary to ensure all surfaces and surrounding areas are free from dirt and debris left behind by the construction crew.

The debris can be both ugly and dangerous, and the inevitable fine dust will be everywhere throughout your renovated space, regardless of how careful your contractor is. The dust will most likely be on every surface and can get into your air ducts, recirculating through your space for a very long time, and presenting both long and short-term health problems.

Post Renovation Cleaning & Post Construction Cleaning Services Are Essentially The Same

Whether you have a large construction project, such as building a new house or building, or a simple home renovation or office modernization, it’s a messy process. That’s why every construction site needs constant cleaning to keep the site safe and polish the work when finished. 

Contractor Hands Finished Site over to construction cleaners

While contractors will try to separate other areas of the building from the renovation site, dust and dirt inevitably will contaminate the entire place, with specialized cleaning needed to keep the other areas safe and clean.

No matter how good or how careful the contractors or builders are, they will generate debris from packaging and scrap throughout the project, drip on otherwise pristine items, scratch things that they shouldn’t, leave stickers on new elements, and create massive amounts of dust that settle on the door frames, floors, walls, ceilings, inside cabinets, soft surfaces, hard surfaces, flat surfaces, high surfaces, and low surfaces. Everywhere.

Why Do You Need Post Renovation Cleaning?

The best contractors will keep the renovation site pretty clean throughout the project and do a decent job at protecting the adjacent areas that they aren’t working on, from cross-contamination. But no matter how hard they try, the dust and debris will build up.

Some builders will subcontract professional construction cleaners to keep the worksite and the areas around them, clean and free of dust and debris throughout the process. Other builders will leave the job of cleaning up to you or leave you to hire a cleaning crew to get the job done right. Regardless of the process, not cleaning at all, or just regular cleaning, is generally not a good option.

Any type of renovation, big or small, will make your property dirty. Depending on the type of work being done, debris, and particularly dust, will be everywhere, even the areas that haven’t been renovated. 

Is Covering The Furniture During Renovations Enough?

Put simply, covering your furniture isn’t enough.

Even if you cover furniture you still need Post Renovation Cleaning

Even if you properly cover all of the furniture, the act of uncovering them releases dust, and that, combined with the dust on the floors and other surfaces like light fixtures, carpets, ceiling fans, baseboards, and more will ensure that there will still be plenty of dust on the site at the end of even the smallest of construction projects. 

From these areas, the dust can and will enter your air ducts and continue to circulate and recirculate throughout your place until all the dust is properly cleaned, making it harder to breathe and irritating people with asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems.

Is Dust the Only Reason To Hire Construction Cleaners?

Along with creating all of that dust, your contractors might scratch your floors, leaving them in need of good cleaning and polishing. They might smudge your windows, or if the windows are new, they might leave the stickers on them. They might spill paints or solvents on your carpets or furniture. In bad scenarios, they might have even let in creatures that left animal waste on the site.

No matter how hard they try to keep things clean, your contractors are wearing protective gear, using heavy equipment, carting supplies in and debris out daily, making messes and slight damage almost inevitable.

Post Renovation cleaning will take care of all of this for you and make your new space move-in ready.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services Follow A 3 Phase Process

Generally, professional renovation and post construction cleaning specialists follow a 3 stage process designed to keep the worksite safe throughout the project, efficiently working to leave the clean site at the end.

The three steps to post renovation cleaning and post construction cleaning are:

  • Rough Cleaning
  • Preparatory or Light Cleaning
  • Final or Touch Up Cleaning

Rough Cleaning

The Rough Clean, by professionally trained construction cleaners, includes removing all the trash and debris from the construction site as it accumulates and then near the end of the project.

The post construction cleaning team will come in and follow a detailed post construction cleaning checklist that ensures that they will remove all the nails, screws, sawdust, broken glass, and construction materials that are lying around. 

Beyond just removing a mess, this phase helps to keep the construction site safe and clean.

Preparatory or Light Cleaning

Preparatory cleaning is conducted by the crew after they complete the Rough Cleaning, but before the final finishes are installed like painting, wallpaper, and flooring.

This is a more thorough cleaning that includes cleaning all surfaces, removing construction adhesives, and preparing the site for the final finishes.

This is the most labor-intensive phase, where you will see the benefits of hiring professional construction cleaners because of their specialized training, equipment, cleaning supplies, and experience in cleaning efficiently.

A Ladder During Post Renovation Cleaning

In almost every case, they will likely dedicate a person to vacuuming using a HEPA-filter equipped, industrial-strength vacuum cleaner (often in backpack form), and then have others following behind doing a deep cleaning and specialized services like air scrubbing, floors, fabrics, deodorization, and cleaning out your air ducts. Others will work on glass items such as your windows, chandeliers, and light fixtures, depending on the item using sophisticated cleaning products or simply using warm water and a damp cloth.

Trying to do it yourself can be laborious, time-consuming, and inefficient. In fact, because of the dust, even a professional cleaner who doesn’t specialize in post renovation cleaning won’t have the right tools or know the proper techniques and will most likely have to thoroughly clean over and over to eliminate the seemingly endless amount of dust that returns after each cleaning.

Only a professional crew has the tools and uses the right techniques to complete the deep post construction clean job efficiently and cost-effectively.

Final or Touch Up Cleaning

The Final or Touch Up Cleaning is conducted after all the final finishes have been installed and after the dirt and dust have settled.

This is a complete cleaning of the entire site, including every floor, all the walls, surfaces, fixtures, and appliances.

The deep clean cleaning crews will vacuum floors again, but since a heavy cleaning was already done in the last phase, their cleaning checklist will have them focused on smudges, fingerprints, and other imperfections in the areas that were already cleaned in the past phases.

Don’t Bother Trying To Clean Up After Renovations On Your Own

Most people would never consider trying to clean up their own construction site, but some are inclined to try to save money by cleaning their own small renovation site, and most of those tend to regret the effort. Without the right knowledge, skills, and equipment, the effort for them to do it on their own will be fruitless, costing them the time that it takes for them to try, and deliver subpar results.

While it’s possible to undertake post-construction cleaning yourself, hiring professionals can save time and ensure a thorough job.

Here are the key reasons to turn to a professional:

Post Construction Cleanup Skills and Expertise

Everyone can clean, but cleaning professionals can make the process much easier because of their expertise in cleaning any surface with any type of stain. By contrast, do-it-yourself efforts can sometimes result in more damage than there was at the start.

Professional cleaners know where the dirt and dust tend to collect during construction and the most efficient way to capture and clean it without spreading it around.

Using the wrong tools and the wrong techniques can often lead to just moving around the dirt and dust, or launching it into the airstream, into the climate control system, where it can circulate for days, months, or years, turning a small cleaning project into a post construction cleaning from hell.

Time and Efficiency

With a team of cleaners who are experienced with construction work, the job can be completed faster and better, allowing you to use your space sooner. 

Attention to Detail

Professionals are trained to spot areas that might be easily overlooked.

When selecting a cleaning service, consider their experience, and the solutions they use (preferably eco-friendly), and ensure they are insured and fully bonded for peace of mind. 

Guaranteed Service Quality

Are they willing to offer you a “satisfaction guaranteed” service? If not, find a different provider.


You need specialized equipment for post construction cleaning, starting with particle counters to test the air quality and understand what might be contaminating it, air scrubbers, and HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaners.

Buying them for a one-time use is cost prohibitive and even renting them all can be costly. A professional construction cleaner will have all the necessary equipment and be trained to use it properly.


Just like professionals have the skills and knowledge to clean correctly post construction, having the right equipment is equally as important.

For example, you might have a great vacuum cleaner but a professional will have a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner that is designed to pick up the small particles that circulate after construction.

And, as discussed above, if you don’t have all of the right equipment for the task, buying it can be cost-prohibitive, and renting it can still be costly. And even then, knowing how to use it correctly is essential for fast, quality results.


A professional cleaning staff knows the risk that comes from cleaning after the construction crew leaves. They know where to look for, how to handle, and how to properly dispose of dangerous items. They have ladders and extensions that allow them to reach areas that the average person would have to risk injury to properly clean.

The Right Team, the Right Equipment, and the Right Solution

The basics of construction cleaning are mostly the same no matter where the construction takes place, with the differences mostly relating to navigating local regulations and building rules about who can access the site and when.

Every construction cleaner needs to be fully bonded and insured, the difference is the amount of coverage that they might carry. And every cleaner needs professional equipment, the differences might be the type of equipment they have and their ability to get it to your site when it’s needed.

In New York City, where we operate, these differences are amplified like everything else in the city. The properties are typically more expensive than elsewhere, so more insurance is needed in a small town in the middle of the country.

And since it’s hard to get around New York and storage is expensive, many cleaners will limit the amount of equipment they own and therefore be constrained in the services that they can offer and the size of the construction sites they can service.

Five Star Service In New York City

There are construction cleaning specialists in every city but in New York your best option is Five Star.

We’ve been performing commercial and residential construction cleaning throughout the five boroughs for more than 20 years and have a long list of homeowners, business owners, builders, and contractors that turn to us to keep their sites clean and cleanup at the end of new constructions and renovations.

Our team has been highly trained to use the best equipment available to give our customers quick and efficient service with guaranteed results. We personalize our service for every construction and renovation project to ensure that our service cost falls within your budget so contact us today for a free price quote.