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Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Offering Indoor Pollution Solutions For Your Commercial Or Residential Property

Woman breathing in clean airWith an ever-increasing need to regulate indoor air quality (IAQ), building owners, property managers, businesses and corporate entities are faced with the added responsibility of implementing this vital precaution to their maintenance routine. Research has shown that poor internal air quality is linked to health issues, and therefore can affect the occupants in your home or office. In addition to our commercial office cleaning services, Five Star Construction Cleaning is also an industry leader in reliable indoor air quality testing.  Our experts can develop an IAQ routine to effectively manage your dwelling’s indoor air quality testing, ensuring both the safety and comfort of your residents.

Our Indoor Air Quality Specialists provide the following services throughout NYC, including:

  • HEPA / Dust Containment / Scrub air of all floating particulates
  • Cleaning & restoration of all interior air vents and registers
  • Cleaning & testing of all A/C & heating units/mechanical rooms
  • Duct cleaning, including ductwork and coils
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment/Inspections
  • Remediation of mold and other indoor air quality issues
  • Customized IAQ Solutions (including bi-polar ionization systems, carbon dioxide control/delivery systems, enhanced filtration, ultraviolet solutions, and enhanced ventilation strategies)

Once our team of Indoor Air Quality specialists inspects your commercial or residential space, we will review and identify your indoor air pollution concerns to strategize a customized approach. Our IAQ experts offer a host of air quality maintenance solutions, including preventative maintenance programs, an annual audit, or services rendered on an as-needed basis, depending on your requirements and budget.

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How Proper IAQ Maintenance Can Affect Your Business’s Bottom Line

Just as the levels of cleanliness in a corporate or private residence can affect people’s well-being, the air quality can also have a major impact on its tenants. According to recent studies, maintaining adequate humidity levels, space temperature and proper indoor air quality can actually benefit your business, as employees are less susceptible to airborne illness and therefore less apt to call in sick. In addition, improved air quality has also been linked to increased productivity in the workplace while providing employees with a healthier environment and general sense of well-being. With so many perks to this niche service, it’s no wonder businesses are recognizing the value of routine IAQ maintenance, including HVAC remediation and related services designed to regulate your building’s air quality.

New York’s #1 Licensed & Certified Internal Air Quality Specialists

When you require the proficiency and know-how of a licensed, certified IAQ specialist, our in-house team of professionals deliver personalized technical support for your private or corporate needs. Whether you’re looking to service a large residential dwelling, healthcare facility or commercial property, our years of expertise in the field will ensure a seamless experience when developing an effective air quality maintenance routine for your building. Adhering to Five Star’s high standards, our technician will assess what measures need to implemented to safeguard the air quality, offering peace of mind with a healthy environment for your building’s inhabitants.

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