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HVAC Specialists

New York’s HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance Specialists

When you’re in need of trustworthy and professional HVAC cleaning services, look no further – for the past three decades, New York has entrusted us with their maintenance and restoration needs. Five Star Construction Cleaning proudly serves Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, providing quality HVAC services, including technical assistance and other related specialties to monitor your business’s indoor air quality. Our commercial clientele includes retail and corporate locations, healthcare facilities, and industrial businesses across the city. Whether you’re looking for air scrubbing services in your medical facility, require IAQ testing in your home, or need to run an air quality inspection in your office, we offer a comprehensive array of commercial and residential HVAC services, including system analysis, indoor air quality testing, modification and maintenance.

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Our team of licensed HVAC Specialists provide the following services throughout NYC, including:

  • HVAC Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing Services
  • Cleaning & Inspection of all Interior Air Vents and Registers
  • Cleaning & Testing of all A/C & Heating Units / Mechanical Rooms
  • HEPA Dust Containment
  • HEPA Services include scrubbing air of all floating particulates
  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)
  • Provide Improved Air Quality & Maximize Indoor Ventilation Strategies

After we’ve conducted a comprehensive analysis of your HVAC system’s performance, our certified technicians will diagnose the issue(s) and resolve the problem as quickly as possible to avoid any interruptions to your commercial or residential structure’s normal operations. Based on our years of experience and engineering expertise, our qualified team is here to assist you with the complexities of your building’s indoor air quality systems, including preventative maintenance routines and restoration services.

Breathe Easy: Promote Wellness With Our Proprietary Air Scrubbing Services

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When it comes to a deep clean, things aren’t always as they appear: just because things look clean on the surface, there may be dangerous amounts of dust and debris left behind after a renovation.

Did you know that heavy construction and remodeling in your home can result in microscopic particulates that can be detrimental to you and your family’s air quality if not properly removed? This can be especially dangerous for the elderly, children, pets and those who suffer from chronic health conditions, such as asthma, allergies or other respiratory disorders.

As New York’s leader in HVAC, IAQ and air-scrubbing services, we specialize in air quality maintenance, setting us apart from other residential cleaning companies. With a full spectrum of proprietary air-scrubbing services, including HVAC and IAQ specialties to ensure a healthy environment, you can rest assured that our air cleaning techniques will not only promote wellness but provide peace of mind for you & your family.

Providing HVAC Services You Can Trust

With 25 years in business, our team of HVAC specialists are licensed and trained to deliver the utmost in technical support and expertise to the communities we serve. For our corporate clientele, we understand the value of keeping your business’s operations uninterrupted, not only with regard to its effect on your critical systems and budget, but how it pertains to your inhabitants’ comfort and safety. For our residential clients, we value the safety of your family and hold our HVAC specialists to the highest standards. By utilizing diagnostic skills and preventative measures, our OSHA-certified technicians will employ strategies to minimize risks and disruptions while avoiding potential problems.

Discover why Five Star is not only New York’s most trusted professional cleaning service, but also the city’s go-to HVAC specialists – call us today for a complimentary consultation.

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